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The Collection Artion

The Collection Artion is the first Collection with AI Art and it's animation.

The Art behind the Collection is that we do what no one has done before to show that anyone can do anything.

The theme for our Ai Art is "minimalist" because sometimes less is more.



There will be 500 AI Art images and their animation which are also 500 in the collection.

Each one generated Art expresses a certain emotion. What one sees as beautiful another sees it differently but that's okay, that's art.

We want you to find your emotion in the art.


Preview of our Art


Museum of the Future

decentraland museum gallery nft

The Metaverse is the future and we know that, we also see a lot of potential in the Metaverse and that is why we want to be a part of it.


MOTF so our museum will be in the metaverse, there we will show our AI Art and AI Animation to the world as well as have events there or have auctions there.

The Museum will be a part of the collection, from artworks hung by us to artworks by others, we will do everything there and you can be a part of the Metaverse. Our goal with the Museum is to have our own space of our own in the Metaverse and build our MOTF there and present our AI Art and AI Animation to all the people out there.

We are still in the beginning, but we know that the M.O.T.F. but it will be a big part of our project. There we will try to organize as much as possible, because we want to be a part of the Metaverse and change the art world with you all.

decentraland museum gallery nft


Our first step will be to build a strong coummunity and bring them closer in connection with our art. There will be many sneak peeks and many Whitelist Spots Giveaways posted where you can all take part. Our Discord will be special because we want to communicate with our community and use their suggestions or ideas, because without you there would be no us.


We are about to drop, it has already been announced that the people who have a whitelist spot will have some advantages, so more whitelist spots will be given so that the people who really want a WL spot can get one.


We have dropped, now we will focus on what events we can make happen. Our NFTs will be offered in auction houses including that can already be the AI art or AI animation that someone already has because they can then decide if they want to have it offered through us at an auction house to grow our community. There will be billboards in New York, London and Paris with our AI Art and AI Animation to present our project to the world. Our art will definitely be in many AI museums.


Selected holders will get a VIP status which will bring them many benefits such as knowing about our next steps in advance and can take profit from it earlier. There will also come other ways so that more people also have the chance to get everything earlier and have some advantages.



We will send selected holders a high quality picture of the AI Art they have from us. A space will be purchased for our M.O.T.F. in the Metaverse and our Virtual Reality Museum will be placed there. We will be doing a lot of collaborations with large NFT collections to make our community even larger.

Artion Art #141.jpg
Artion Art #139.jpg


Our collection "Artion" is just the beginning, AI Artlab will be like a snowball sliding down a snow mountain, at the bottom it will be too big to stop!

We will build as much in the metaverse as it will be possible at all, events there will be beyond your imagination!

Soul AI Wallet

What does that mean? 
Everyone who will be registered in the Soul Ai Wallet will always get an NFT airdropped for every future Collection, as well as free entries to our events, whether in the Metaverse or in the real world, we owe everything to those who support us now in the beginning, so we will give them back as much as possible.

Who exactly will be chosen?
We will choose certain people, we will not include their status or followers because it does not matter. A lot of people will be chosen, so don't worry, because as we said, we owe everything to you and every supporter will get something from us.

$AIA Token

We will create a passive income system that will support the usual NFT staking. It will also be used for our events as an entry currency like attending different events or getting a VIP place, and also when we do auctions it can be used to buy our Ai Art or Ai Animation, we will also support other projects and give them a chance to auction there Art.

Ai Music

It is still very early stage but the idea is that we develop a generator where you can insert our Ai animation or whatever NFT video there and insert your own generated ai music as background music. After that it will be uploaded in a collection.

The collection "Artion" is and will always be something special, already starting with the art and animation is just incredible what you have never seen anywhere else, minimalist, artistic and full of emotions.

"If a project only got your attention through art then it will be the right project for you."

-AI Artlab



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